Giving Users Access To Projects

In this article, we are going to show you how to assign a project to a member of your organisation within Operance. Please follow the steps listed below.

Problem Description:

You need to provide a member of your organisation access to your project on Operance. They have already registered their account, and are a member of your current organisation.


Did you know?

To maximise security on our platform, members of an organisation must have projects assigned to them in order to access the information. We have three levels of permissions available: read, write and admin! 



Animated Guide:

An animated guide is available below to help you visualise completing this action on our platform. If you prefer manual written steps, please use the steps below the animated video guide. 




Manual Steps:

  1. Click on the settings tab on the left hand bar.
  2. Click on manage which can be located under organisation.
  3. Click on the projects assigned hyperlink, located under the project access column. 
  4. This will provide all assigned projects, click the drop down menu.
  5. You can select which projects you would like to assign in this menu.
  6. Once you are happy click on the save button  to save your changes.


Would you like further assistance?

If you have any questions or need help, please use the chatbot inside the platform or contact your account manager; we will be happy to help.